NMSEA Annual Convention

October NMSEA Conference Oct 25-26, 2023 (16 CE)

PRESENTER: Laura Strombom, EA, MBA,NTPI, CSEA, DBA: All About Numbers, Stockton, CA

Topics will include: 


  Farms & Ranches

  Foreign Source Income

  Pass-through Entities

  Corporate Transparency Act

  (Passive Activity Loss) PAL and At-Risk rules

  IRS Updates

Location: Courtyard by Marriott, 5151 Journal Center Blvd, Albuquerque — where we had it last year. Start time 8 AM.

Social event, 6 PM, on Oct 24 at nearby Restoration  Pizza (right behind the hotel) at 5161 Lang Ave NE, Alb.

Register online and get tickets at: https://tinyurl.com/Register-NMSEA-Oct-Conference